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I started writing short restaurant reviews in 2004 for attendees at a software engineering conference in Edinburgh and I’ve been reviewing restaurants, mostly in Edinburgh, intermittently since then (you can get to it from the link in the My Blogs box)). When I started there were hardly any review sites, Tripadvisor didn’t exist and I guess I filled a gap. Now, there are lots of Edinburgh restaurant review blogs and some of the writers seem to eat out a lot more often than me.  I’m not sure that I was adding much with my occasional reviews so I’ve decided to wrap up my review blog.

In truth, although I enjoy eating out, I prefer home cooking. So, I’ve decided to diversify and to set up this new food blog where I’m going to write more generally about food-related things that I find interesting. I’ll include some restaurant reviews if I think I can say something different but I’ll also write about ingredients and growing food, beer and other drinks, recipes that we’ve tried, food shops and suppliers, food politics and so on.

I’ll be starting with a couple of posts inspired by having too many courgettes.

3 Responses to “Introducing Bistros and Beetroot”

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  2. David says:

    This sounds good, Ian, and will have a wider geographical appeal. I am available if you need to advise on the merits of cheese out of a tube or puddings that can be cooked in a plastic bag.

  3. Jane says:

    Looking forward to seeing what’s coming up D! I still find it very hard to think of inventive things to do with veg off the cuff so looking forward to some inspiration.

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