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A month of iPhone photography

I’ve had a phone with a camera for more than 10 years but I have always thought of it as a device for quick family snaps and making records of things I want to remember. The camera on my previous phone (iPhone 5) was OK but I preferred to carry a compact camera (currently a […]

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I like to get into the hills and woods to enjoy the landscape and appreciate nature in all its forms (and in all weather) and one reason I take photographs is to communicate and share how I see the countryside. I don’t think it’s possible or desirable to try to be original with outdoor autumn photography. […]

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Transitions: Summer to Autumn

This week we’ve had typical autumn weather. On Monday, we were blown off Ben Lomond and it didn’t stop raining all day Tuesday; but the last couple of days have been warm and sunny although there has been ice on the puddles in the morning. I’d earmarked today to do some programming but the weather was […]

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