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In May 2013, I took part in the TGO Challenge and walked across Scotland from Mallaig to Girdle Ness.  My blog posts here document the run-up to the Challenge, my daily wanderings and my reflections on the experience.


TGOC 013. Walking across Scotland (Initial thoughts on the TGO Challenge)

My TGOC route across Scotland (My route plan)

A fortnight’s dauner across Scotland – TGOC-13 minus 6 days (Thoughts before leaving)

Reflections on TGOC-13 (Thoughts immediately after getting back)

Daily diary

My account of the crossing and some of the people I met. I haven’t included surnames as I know that some people feel a bit uneasy about being identified on the web. I’m not bothered but I have colleagues who make a fuss about things like this.

Day 0: Getting to Mallaig

Day 1: Mallaig to Sourlies

Day 2: Sourlies to Kinbreak

Day 3: Kinbreak to Loch Garry

Day 4: Glen Garry to South Laggan

Day 5: South Laggan to Garva Bridge

Day 6: Garva Bridge to Kingussie

Day 7: Kingussie to Glen Feshie

Day 8: Glen Feshie to Mar Lodge

Day 9: Mar Lodge to Braemar

Day 10: Braemar to Glen Muick

Day 11: Glen Muick to Potarch

Day 12: Potarch to the outskirts of Aberdeen

Day 13: To the North Sea at Girdle Ness

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