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I’ve put together a list of blogs from 2015 Challengers – this is almost certainly incomplete so if you have a blog that I’ve missed, please let me know and I’ll add it. There seem to be fewer blogs this year than in previous years, which suggests that I’ve missed quite a few.

This year, I’ve ordered it by starting point.


Daunerin’ Aboot
Over the Hills and Far Away
Whiteburn’s Wanderings

A wee walk


Eating snow around the world

TGOC 2013 and TGOC 2014 blogs

TGOC 2014 blogs

TGOC 2013 blogs

Other posts Challengers might find useful

Aberdeen to Ballater – A Short Guide to the Deeside Way
(I need to update this with info about the Ballater fire and the Aberdeen bypass route)

Information (with pics) about places to finish the Challenge between Aberdeen and Montrose

Aberdeen to Stonehaven

Stonehaven and Dunnotar

Crawton to Nether Warbuton


8 Responses to “TGOC 2015: Some Challenger blogs”

  1. Louise says:

    Oo! Some I’ve not read! Thanks Ian.
    (I was a Dornie starter this year, btw., but thank you nevertheless )

  2. alan.sloman says:

    What a splendid idea, Ian. I shall simply snaffle a route from a start point and Robert’s your Auntie! So much less pain!


  3. Hi
    Very Good. I hope to be lucky in the draw for 2016.
    Check http://www.bajanthings.com/tgo-challenge-2015/


  4. Jeremy Burrows says:


    The law of unintended consequences, Mr Sloman! You’ve just given me a VERY good reason for not completing my write-up until after the deadline for submission of routes …

  5. PaulM says:

    Here’s the 2015 one for a start at beautiful Glenelg http://mpaulm.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/tgoc-2015-diary-notes-1-pre-amble.html.

    You can find earlier blogs for Torridon and Morar starts!


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