Sea stack, Muchalls Aberdeenshire.
I love coastal scenery and rock formations. This is a shot of a sea stack near Muchalls, a wee village in Aberdeenshire

I set this site up a while ago as a photoblog but didn’t maintain it properly – I’m not sure that photoblogs actually work unless you are publishing a photo per day or something like that. But I’ve never really been happy with the way that my photos are presented in a conventional blog post, so I’ve decided to reinvent this site as a web site, rather than a blog.

What I plan to include here are themed galleries of photographs – themed around places, types of photo or types of subject. Most of my photography gets done when I’m out and about walking by the coast or countryside – so I take more landscape photos than anything else. Hence the site title – expect pictures of the land, sea and sky.

My approach to photography is distinctly non-techie. To me, it’s not about the technical quality but about whether the captured image reflects what I thought of the scene at the time. I do have a Canon SLR and a Sony mirrorless camera but these are heavy and I don’t take them on long walks. Quite a lot of the photos that I like best are taken with my Sony compact camera or my iPhone.