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2 thoughts on “A windy week-end in Sutherland

  • November 14, 2013 at 2:34 am
    Indian Valium Online

    Nice pics, Ian. Sunday was indeed a glorious day, but you didn’t do too badly. Personally I have given up trying to get a pint at the Inchnadampf Hotel as it’s not always possible even in season. Very disappointing as so many good walks finish there. The Alt, aka Altnacealgach Inn, a mile on the Lairg side of Ledmore junction (where you turn right to go back to Ullapool) is always open and has good beer.

    Incidentally did you hear the programme on Radio Scotland on Sunday “A resting place in Assynt” about the new memorial at the grave of the 1941 plane crash victims at NC294232, which you can reach by taking the past East from the junction 1km S of Loch Fleodach Coire? It’s still available on I player for a couple more days.

    Glad you like Sutherland!
    From a lucky Assynt resident.

    Buy Valium Overseas

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