An Edinburgh dauner

Visiting family in Edinburgh I had a Sunday afternoon to myself as my wife and daughters went for a birthday afternoon tea. I decided to wander around with my camera in some of the less touristy parts of Edinburgh. I started in Dalry Cemetery, an old cemetery that's no longer used and is slowly being reclaimed by nature. I then wandered along Fountainbridge then down towards the Grassmarket before turning around and walking across the Meadows to Marchmont.

Dalry Cemetery. Trees are now established around some of the old graves. A weird ghostly stone amongst the fallen headstones Encroaching ivy Outside new student flats in Fountainbridge - I like the geometric design. No one just hangs around on street corners and more - they are always on their phone. Fountainbridge was the site of a huge Scottish and Newcastle brewing complex where they brewed pretty crap, tasteless beers. It's all gone now and waiting for redevelopment. Bit someone managed to dump an old piano. The terminus of the Union Canal which has now been redeveloped with bars, offices and housing. Normally quite a lively place but pretty quiet on a dull Sunday afternoon. I think the swan statues are great. A bank branch with an old motto that must seem curiously irrelevant to today's greed-driven bankers. Edinburgh used to be a city of bookshops. Not many are left but there are still a few second hand shops in the Grassmarket area. The cherry blossom is at its peak in the Meadows but instead of the conventional image, I liked the accumulation of fallen petals by the kerb (this doesn't work in mono). Some people crave a garden and do the best that they can even although they live in a city centre flat.

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