An evening at Dunnotar

In this heatwave, the daytime sun is very harsh for photography. So, I decided one evening to make a short trip with my camera to Dunnotar Castle near Stonehaven. Perfect temperature for wandering around and mellow evening light. Dunnotar is one of the most visited and photographed sites in Scotland so I didn’t expect any original images. But, I think that my pictures are a good reflection of the place on a sunny summer evening.

This is a new sign that I hadn’t seen before. It never occurred to me that Dunnotar would be a popular place for drone flying but, of course, there must be some great views from a drone. I wonder if there’s anywhere else with a sign like this. The classic viewpoint showing the castle and crag appears on lots of calendars but is still a great shot. Luckily, there were some people on the path to show the imposing scale of the place. I wandered down to the beach below the castle. It was a windless evening and the sea was completely calm. Ideal for these paddlers on their boards who had made their way out from the harbour. I don’t really understand what they are - they look like surfboards but people paddle them standing up. I suspect they aren't too stable in rougher seas. Looking up from the bay towards the cliffs, I spotted this lone figure on a headland. I thought it was more effective in mono than in colour. I was scanning the scene through my telephoto lens when I saw this couple sitting in the grass, relaxing and enjoying the view. I liked the curve of the grasses and the backlight on them. The castle from another, rather less common viewpoint. Again, it was the grasses that appealed leading in to the castle in soft evening light.

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