Anonymous voting and logins using Facebook

Lately, there has been some controversy over voting for outdoor blog awards and the fact that the voting system required a Facebook login and you had to agree that your list of Facebook friends should be disclosed. Frankly, I think this is disgraceful but an increasing number of sites use Facebook logins and its quite convenient to sign in this way.

So, if you care about these things, here’s how to circumvent the system (takes about 5 minutes) and, hopefully, provide misleading information to the marketing data collection behind these systems.

  • Start with a private browsing window (Incognito in Chrome)
  • Set up an email address on some free service that you don’t normally use (I used Yahoo but any one will do). You will not use this account for anything else and apart from one post, there is never a need to check it.
  • Set up a new Facebook account using this email address. Choose any name that you like and add some random information about location, education, etc. Best if this is genuine rather than made up names but make sure it is wrong. Pick a password that you don’t use anywhere else (fake-facebook-123 is good).Ignore all automated friend searches and set privacy to the most strict settings.
  • Go back to your new email account and confirm the Facebook sign-up email. You can then either delete this account or just leave it in case you need a ‘don’t care’ email account in future.
  • You can then use your  fake FB account for voting and logging in to sites that use the FB authentication method.

This, of course, breaches Facebook’s terms and conditions. But do you care?

One thought on “Anonymous voting and logins using Facebook

  • December 22, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    I am liking it.

    Facebook & Google are the New Establishment.

    Always good to stick it to the Man!!

    Ahhh. Takes me back to my rebellious Yoof!


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