Blog and website redesign

For the next few days, this blog and my other websites will be in a state of flux. I’ve decided to radically redesign the blog and to use a consistent design for all of my web presence. I decided on this because:

  1. The old design was not really suited to mobile devices. Although it could be displayed, it was cluttered with widgets with took up space with no real benefit. So, now, it’s a simple, uncluttered theme. Header images have gone and I’ve used slightly larger font sizes to make the text more readable.
  2. I want to give more emphasis to photography (I have finally managed to set up a photography web site) and an uncluttered theme with larger photos is better for this.
  3. I want a single theme for all web sites instead of the 4 different themes previously used. My experience is that WordPress updates can mess up some older themes and having a single theme will make detecting and fixing problems easier.

Unfortunately, changing the design isn’t just a question of choosing a new theme and clicking a button. Themes are never perfect so CSS has to be written and tested. Posts don’t always translate well so some have to be edited. I won’t make any attempt to update all legacy posts but will change some of the more recent posts to fit the new theme.

The theme has now been set up but I’m still fighting with WordPress which seems to be removing tags on this blog (sometimes) but it’s OK on other sites. My new photography site (Pictures and Words) is linked and I’ve started including a portfolio of images on that site. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll update some recent posts and start converting my other websites.

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