Clocks-back weekend – windy in Wester Ross

Each year, around the clocks-back weekend, a group of us meet in Ullapool for the Corriemulzie Mountaineering Club dinner. The CMC is a group of ex-students from St Andrews University plus partners, hangers-on. etc. As we started in the 1970s, most of us have slowed up a bit but we still usually manage to get out on the hills. Tales are told and whisky is consumed.

The weather on Saturday was pretty bad so we didn’t get up a hill and I had to rush off on Sunday to visit my cousin in Inverness. So, it wasn’t much of a walking weekend for me but I did do a wee bit of photography.
  We travelled from Deeside over the Lecht to Tomintoul to avoid the horrible A96 to Inverness. Between Tomintoul and Granton we had this view down the glen with subtle autumn colours picked out by flashes of sunshine. On the way to Ullapool, I stopped for some snapping near Loch Droma. I liked the way that, in this telephoto shot, the copse of conifers stood out against the blue background of the hills. After getting to Ullapool, we headed to Ardmair Bay in the hope of getting a sunset. Someone had built piles of stones on the beach which made a foreground for this shot over the sea. Unfortunately, the sunset was a bit too much to the south, so the image is a bit one-sided. I liked the colours in this dilapidated old shed by the beach at Ardmair and the contrast with the newer house in the background. On Saturday, the MWIS forecast said 60-80mph gales on the tops so my plans for a walk on Quinag were abandoned. Low level walks and cycle rides were planned and a group of us decided to walk to Eas a Chual Aluinn, the highest waterfall in Britain. It was dry when we set off from the car park at Loch na Gainmhich but pretty windy. You can see the spray being whipped up on the lochan. After struggling through dub and mire, we arrived at the falls just as the rain started. The view was a bit disappointing as we couldn’t see much of the fall but it was too windy to get closer any closer to the edge. Dave decided to cross the burn to see if the view is better but the rest of us decided that the stepping stones were far too slippery. We headed back into the driving rain and ended up absolutely soaked (never believe anyone who tells you that Paramo jackets are waterproof). The weather on Sunday was much better but I had no time for a hill. But I stopped on the road for a glorious view of the River Broom and An Teallach. The man with his dog was just in the right place for a photo.

2 thoughts on “Clocks-back weekend – windy in Wester Ross

  • October 31, 2017 at 8:18 am

    Possibly you were wearing the Paramo jacket the wrong way!!!

    • October 31, 2017 at 6:13 pm

      Aye, that’ll be it. I’ll look out for a tutorial on wearing a waterproof!


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