Fittie windaes

Fittie is an old fishing community on the Dee right by Aberdeen beach and harbour. Its formal name is FootDee but nobody ever calls it that. It’s mostly terraced fisherman’s houses with sheds opposite that were originally used to store the fishermens’ gear and dry their nets.

I don’t think there are many fishermen left and it’s been kind of gentrified in an arty way. Many people there decorate their houses in an quirky and sometimes kitch way and put all sorts of things in their windows. I think it’s great – it helps build a sense of community and adds colour to the grey Aberdeen granite.

As the title suggests, I’ve focused here on some of the details that you can see in folk’s windows.

Gnomes are thought of as unbearably kitch but, somehow, in Fittie they look OK. I think it's because they are not in suburban gardens. Sometimes the gnomes in Fittie are social beings with several in a group. But in this window, a solitary gnome was the sentinel. Many of the gear sheds have now been repurposed - sometimes into art studies, utility rooms or more general storage. This one seems to be a wardrobe or dressing room. This is not a decorated window but an ordinary bathroom window. I liked the colours of the plastic bottles against the vivid colour of the window frame. The fishing heritage of Fittie is reflected in the nautical theme in many windows and building decorations. I reckon at least a third of the houses have a boat displayed somewhere. Most windows have a simple decorative theme but this one is really quite complex - I must admit that I don't really understand the Tom, Disk and Harry theme.

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