Hutton Roof Crag

Last week-end, we stayed with friends near Kirby Lonsdale in Cumbria in the village of Hutton Roof.  From the village, I walked up the adjacent Hutton Roof crag each day. You walk through a small housing development to Park Wood then take one of many paths up the hill. I passed an impressive limestone escarpment without any real idea of where I was going.

Limestone escarpment, Hutton Roof Crag

Following my usual rule of picking the path that led upwards, I eventually got to a top with a cairn – where there is a very impressive limestone pavement.The limestone pavements on Hutton Roof are amongst the finest examples in the world. These are caused by an overlying ice sheet scouring the limestone and creating a distinctive pattern of cracks – which often house interesting vegetation. I know from when we lived near Lancaster, Hutton Roof Crag is a great place to collect sloes for sloe gin – the blackthorn bushes grow in the cracks.

Limestone pavement, Hutton Roof Crag

The real top is further south with a trig point – where I went on my 2nd walk. Great views to the Lake District hills. There are paths everywhere and, unless you are a local, the best way to navigate is to know roughly what direction you are headed and pick a path going that way. It would have been fun in the mist!

From Hutton Roof looking towards the Lake District Hills

Walks are anything from 40 minutes to an hour and a half but you can extend this by going over the adjacent Farleton Fell, which is the one that you see on the left  from the M6 motorway just before Junction 35 (if you are driving south).

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