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I’ve been trying to take photos every day for well over a year now – I started with my daily food photos and then, at the beginning of the year joined Blipfoto. Blipfoto is an interesting idea where members can upload a single picture each day, taken on that day. People can comment on each other’s uploads and subscribe to see their photostreams.

I started taking photos every day because I wanted to get myself out of a film photography mindset where the cost of film makes you think carefully before you take anything. I carried on with it because I enjoyed the challenge of finding daily images and because I think it helped me look at the world differently – looking for detail, light and shade and different perspectives on common things.

Different people use Blipfoto in different ways. My journal is called Remembering the Days so its a photo diary where I can remember what I’ve done – sometimes it’s places I’ve been,  photos of family,  what I’ve eaten or occasionally, work.  Other people ‘s blips have more of a theme – nature, flowers, landscapes, portraits, etc.  There are some fantastic photographers on Blipfoto who post consistently stunning pictures – I am learning a lot from looking at their blips.

I think taking photos every day is hard – few of us have the kind of lives where we are in different places every day so we have to look around our everyday environment for ideas. Sometimes we have dull days (both the weather and in other ways), sometimes busy days where there isn’t much time for photography  so every photo can’t be a stunning shot.  What I think it really nice about Blipfoto is that there is a supportive community who understand that regular blipping is hard and who say encouraging things about  the rather dull blips as well as the good ones.

I enjoy Blipfoto and I plan to keep on blipping – but I do wonder what the future holds. It’s a small Scottish company who have carved out a niche for themselves amongst the mega photo-sharing sites – Facebook, Flickr and Picasa. They have a sensible business model where members pay a subscription so they are not reliant on adding users then selling out to an internet giant. But at some stage, they may be made an offer they can’t refuse and be acquired by a biggie. If experience of other sites is anything to go by, things will then change but not necessarily for the better.  Time will tell.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in photography, I’d recommend that you give Blipfoto a try.

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