TGOC-13 Day 0. Getting to Mallaig

An inauspicious start.

Last year, I fell in a big hole in a Cairngorm bog.  I was on my own in a deserted glen and I thought “That could have been a broken leg and I’d have been here for a long time”. So, being a geek at heart, I decided to get myself a Spot Communicator before the Challenge and had fun playing with it before I left. I reflected on this on the way to the station and suddenly remembered it was on the window ledge (to see the satellites) rather than in my rucksack.

Night fall in Strath Fillan
Night fall in Strath Fillan

So, I rushed home to get it but then missed the train and so the “Challenger special” from Glasgow to Mallaig. I ended up on the evening train which was surprisingly quiet. I chatted for a while with David, another first timer, who was heading for Oban and who came from a more rational part of the world where all carriages in a train go to the same destination. He hadn’t appreciated the idiosyncrasies of the West Highland Line where the train splits at Crianlarich with one bit going to Oban, the other to Mallaig. He left at Ardlui for the Oban bit of the train and I enjoyed the gloaming in Strath Fillan.

Finally arrived in Mallaig at 11.30 or so and made my way to my B & B. Ready for the off tomorrow.

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