TGOC-14. A list of blogs

I’ve started putting together a list of blogs from 2014 Challengers. These vary from long and detailed accounts to more impressionistic presentations. Some of very factual, others perhaps embellish the truth for effect.

This list is in no particular order except my blog (which isn’t a diary) is first.

If you have a blog that isn’t on this list, please send me the address and I’ll add it.

Daunerin’ Aboot 

Over the Hills and Far Away


Around the Hills

Al’s Outdoor World


Alan Sloman’s Big Walk

Fast Track to Nowhere in Particular

Lady on a Rock

Two Routes Across Scotland

A Blog on the Landscape

Whiteburn’s Wanderings

JJ’s Stuff 

A Trundle in the Hills

Gordon’s Off

Louise’s Big Adventure

Steve Smith

Must Explore 

Chris Townsend Outdoors

Ness64: Hillwalking and Backpacking Trips in the Scottish Highlands

Wanders, Wonders, Worries and Whinges

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