TGOC-14 planning and training (lack of)

I’m planning my 2nd TGO Challenge this year – a west-to-east walk across Scotland in May. This is not just an outdoor event but also a social gathering and you meet lots of  like-minded people (or, as my daughter said, deranged masochists)  on the way. But I’ve been reading Challenger blogs and folks seem so incredibly organised that it really makes me feel quite inadequate.

Challengers have training plans, are  yomping over Lakeland fells with rucksacks full of tins of sun-dried polenta (or something like that),  organising the gear that they are taking  and buying all the food that they need for a couple of weeks in the wilds.  I haven’t done anything.

A combination of family health problems, work and (realistically) indolence in the face of crap weather, has meant that the only hills I’ve been up in the last few months are pimples (Clachnaben, Arthur’s Seat and Loughrigg Fell). No training and the only decision I’ve made about food is that this year’s whisky will be Glen Garioch (pronounced Glen Geery).   If last year is anything to go by, food planning will be a trip to the supermarket the day before I leave then frantically looking for the increasingly rare local shops in the Highlands. Kit’s easy though – I don’t have much so I just take what’s in the box. The only thing I’ve planned is where to start (Strathcarron) and finish (St Cyrus) with an approximate itinerary in between.

So, I REALLY must start to get organised. I will check my tent and see what I’ve managed to lose since last year’s Challenge.  And, honestly, training will start next week-end (unless it’s raining of course – only deranged masochists go out and deliberately get wet).

2 thoughts on “TGOC-14 planning and training (lack of)

  • March 17, 2014 at 10:26 am

    I was also shamed into action by reading those blogs.
    There are no hills to speak of in the Thames Valley, so I’m heading to The Monadh Liath and then the Lakes for my hill-fitness regime. However, the pub training is well under way.

    You’ll be fine. Honestly. Just take it easy for the first two weeks.

  • March 17, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    Hello Ian!
    Guilty as charged, I have spreadsheets and lists to keep me (looking) organised, but I’m not good at the training bit. My little daily strolls only take me about an hour, and daily is probably an exaggeration. If I can plod on regardless for a few hours a day on the Challenge, it seems to get me there, in fact it’s possibly more a state of mind than anything physical. Mind you, I do tend to wander along glens on my routes, rather than over any particularly lumpy bits.
    Not long now!


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