TGOC 2014: Blogging the Challenge

Tis the season for TGO Challenge blogs, when folks who walked across Scotland write about their experiences.    I love reading these and seeing how people got on.

Some Challengers, with agile fingers for phone keyboards, live blogged the Challenge as they went along. Others were quick off the mark when they got home and I anticipate that there will be lots more in the next few weeks. Last year, in an exceptionally dull and pointless phone meeting, a made a list of Challenge blogs and, if I get a chance, will do the same again this year.

I was a Challenge virgin in 2013 and, as is so often the case with deflowered virgins, came back for more. I walked this year from Strathcarron to St Cyrus (my planned route) and have been thinking about how to write this up on my blog. I won’t manage to do this quickly though but hope to write a few posts over the next couple of weeks.

The natural form for a Challenge blog is chronological – a daily account of the route taken, how you feel and what you saw. There are lots of Challenger name checks – the folks you meet along the way.  I often wondered how people remembered names until this year I found that folks ticked them off in the list.

But, the problem with a daily account is that it’s a wee bit like those back to school essays about what I did in the holidays. I did it that way last year but, being perverse by nature, have wondered about doing it differently this year. So, I think I’ll write a series of posts inspired by the Challenge but not exactly a day by day account. These will be mostly true although I reserve the authorial right to embellish for dramatic effect.

St Cyrus beach-1
Looking down on the beach at St Cyrus from the cliffs on 21st May 2014.
Absolutely nothing to do with this post but I liked the shot.

My next post (very British) will be about the weather – which, for once, wasn’t too wintry.

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