TGOC’15: Collected blog posts inspired by this year’s Challenge

I didn’t keep a day-to-day diary of my crossing from Lochailort to Stonehaven but was inspired to write a few (reasonably short) blog posts. Here’s a list:

My Challenge route from Lochailort to Stonehaven 

My initial planned route. I more of less kept to it except for around Loch Rannoch where I followed the forest tracks on the south.

My 2015 Challenge in 10 photos

I find too many photos overwhelming so I have tried to distil the experience down to 10 snaps.

Development and the Highland landscape 

My walk exposed me to some of the infrastructure development that’s making a mess of the landscape. General reflections on development and what we should be doing.

Reflections on my route from Lochailort to Stonehaven  

Post-walk thoughts on what was good and bad about my route.

Eating my way from Lochailort to Stonehaven

What and where I ate.  I don’t do baggie food.

Six useful things that I learned this year  

Distilled hints and tips that future Challengers may find useful.

Experience review: Rab Myriad jacket

I must admit this is only vaguely TGOC related but it got its first thorough outing on the Challenge. Great jacket let down by leaky zip.



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