West Highland Way, Day 0

Leaving tomorrow morning for my walk on the West Highland Way – currently chucking it down so I’m really hoping it improves. The weather forecast is for the rain to clear later in the morning so perhaps best to avoid an early start. My aim is Fort Bill by Saturday so that I can get to the birthday party  in Glenuig of old friends from university mountaineering club days.

In spite of my attempts to go lightweight, my pack still feels bloody heavy – but I probably am carrying too much food.  It all fitted into a 50 litre pack though, which I was pleased about.

My major concern in the walk is food (some people say I am a bit obsessive about this but  – hey – we have to eat so we may as well eat well). I intend to eat in pubs etc. when I can but this is not usually possible for breakfasts so I went for muesli. I couldn’t think of anything else that was reasonably lightweight but with lots of energy.

I made some with oat flakes, raisins, dried apricots, walnuts, brown sugar and dried milk – all that’s needed is to add water. Though I say it myself, it’s pretty good as muesli’s go but I have always thought of muesli as ground up cattle cake. So ‘pretty good muesli’ means ‘just about edible’ rather than ‘tasty and really nice to eat’ as far as I am concerned. The thought of this for 6 days is not good. I suspect it may get binned somewhere around Tyndrum and I’ll make do with whatever I can get for breakfast.

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