Instructor’s Manual

I have created material that may be useful to instructors teaching a course in introductory software engineering. Apart from the solutions to quiz questions and solutions to exercises, you may use this material in courses that you are presenting, distribute it to students, link to it from course web pages or install it on your own server. If you choose to install it on your own server, you must retain the license statement below.

Engineering Software Products – Notes for Instructors

Presentations for all chapters (Keynote, 52MB)

Presentations for all chapters (PDF, 4MB)

Presentations for all chapters (PPTX, 42MB)

Quizzes for Chapters 1-10

Unrestricted material for instructors is made available under a Creative Commons License, Attribution 2.5 UK:Scotland. In short, you may distribute and adapt this material for your own use but you must include a credit to the original author (Ian Sommerville) and you may not place any more restrictive conditions on its use.

Restricted material

Solutions to quiz questions and exercises in the book are restricted to accredited instructors who are using the book in a software engineering course that they are presenting. They may be downloaded from Pearson’s web site and the licence conditions explicitly forbid installation on any computer apart from the instructor’s personal computer or mobile device. Instructions on how to access the material are available under Engineering Software Products on Pearson’s web site (coming soon).

Please do not email me asking for this material or passwords to access the material on Pearson’s servers. I have agreed with Pearson that they have sole rights to distribute these solutions and I do not know the password for access to them.