A note for potential adopters

I’ve been involved in software engineering since the 1970s and my software engineering textbook was first published in 1982. I’ve tried to keep it up to date with new developments and I think the book provides good coverage of the principles, methods and technologies used to develop large-scale complex software systems. But, the reality is that neither my book nor any other general software engineering text does a great job in covering software product development.

Most software is now developed as software products or as part of products such as IoT devices. The developer of the software decides what features to include and bring the software to market quickly is critical. We all use software products and it’s hard for students to relate what they learn in a software systems engineering course to the products that they use.

So, in ‘Engineering Software Products’, my new introductory textbook, I’ve completely changed focus and I concentrate on software engineering methods and techniques that are relevant for software product development. Apart from chapters covering, agile software engineering, software architecture, reliable programming and testing, there are two chapters on cloud computing, a chapter on feature set design, a chapter on security and privacy and a chapter on DevOps. You won’t find these in any other current software engineering books.

I think it’s time we changed our introductory software engineering courses to make them more relevant to the type of software that students know and use. If students can relate what they learn to software they understand, they will be more engaged and more interested in the subject. They will be better equipped to work in the software products industry, start their own product company, and be the software leaders of the future.

I believe that we need a revolution in the teaching of introductory software engineering and I’ve written my new book to support this. So, if you are looking to update your software engineering courses or introduce new courses, please take a look at this book.

Contact Pearson Higher Education if you are teaching a software engineering course and would like a desk copy of the book.