Contents list (PDF)
A complete contents list for the book.

Preface (PDF)

Keynote, Powerpoint and PDF presentations for all chapters

Notes for Instructors (PDF)

A quiz book, with quizzes and answers for each chapter

Python programs (zip file)
These are executable versions of the programs in the book, written in Python 3. They include some additonal code over and above that shown in the book to allow them to execute. Programs are provided for illustration only and are not guaranteed to be free of programming errors.

Programs are made available under a Creative Commons License, Attribution 2.5 UK:Scotland. In short, you may distribute and adapt this material for your own use but you must include a credit to the original author (Ian Sommerville) and you may not place any more restrictive conditions on its use.

The Contents List and Preface are copyright material (©Pearson Education Inc. 2020) and may not be reproduced or posted on a public server.