Presentations, videos and links

Each chapter in the book has an associated page of supplementary material, which you can access from the Presentations, Videos and Links dropdown menu. The material is:

  1. Presentations An embedded slideshare presentation that you can view or download (PDF). To download that presentation, go to my slideshares and click on the download button.
  2. Videos A set of links to videos to support the text. Most of these are videos that I have found on YouTube but there are a few videos that I have made myself (available in release 2 of this site). I have deliberately chosen short videos of less than 20 minutes as I find longer videos very boring to watch. Some videos present an alternative approach to the one I’ve discussed in the book. Other videos that I have made on software engineering topics are available on my YouTube channel.
  3. Links Clickable links for all of the URLs mentioned in that chapter.

If you are preparing a course based on the book, you may want the presentations for all chapters. These can be downloaded from the following links. You may adapt and use presentations in any way you like but, if you do so, please credit me as the original author.

ZIP file of all presentations (PDF)
ZIP file of all presentations (Keynote)
ZIP file of all presentations (Powerpoint)

All presentations (Keynote, PDF, Powerpoint) are made available under a Creative Commons License, Attribution 2.5 UK:Scotland.. In short, you may distribute and adapt this material for your own use but you must include a credit to the original author (Ian Sommerville) and you must not place any more restrictive conditions on its use.