I became interested in food and cooking as a student when I discovered that I liked eating good food but couldn’t afford to eat in restaurants. I therefore taught myself to cook in the 1970s before foodies became fashionable. I like almost all kinds of food (although I struggle with tripe and related products) and abhor food fads of any kind. We eat organic food when it’s better, but I’m convinced that good husbandry is more important than whether or not organic methods are used.

I always prefer local to imported food and eat seasonally as far as possible (but we live in Scotland so we do make concessions to get some Mediterranean variety into our diet). We are fortunate in that we can afford good quality food and I am convinced that spending money on educating and helping people to eat well is the most cost-effective way of improving health. I hate supermarkets and the way they put small shops out of business but, like most other people, are forced to use them sometimes.

Putting together my interests in food and photography, I decided to link these and to take one food-related photo per day for a year.  I’ve recorded these on a photoblog. My favourites are on this site (or will be soon).

I enjoy eating out in restaurants and decided that it might be helpful to keep notes on my experiences. As a professional academic rather than a restaurant critic, I don’t claim to have a refined palate but I enjoy well-cooked food and reasonable wine. I started this in 2004 for the 2004 ICSE conference in Edinburgh and maintained a list of Edinburgh restaurant recommendations until 2007. I now record my restaurant visits (mostly in Scotland but no longer exclusively in Edinburgh) in my foodie blog which includes reviews of restaurants and suppliers.

If there are any restaurants that you’d like to recommend in Edinburgh or elsewhere in Scotland, please mail me.