Daunerin’ aboot is a Scots phrase which can be loosely translated as ‘wandering around’. This reflects what this blog is about – I’ll be writing about my walks (wee dauners) in Scotland but also will wander around other topics – photography, food, technology, books, politics and occasionally, a bit of a rant.

About me

I think that I set up my first web site in 1995, just a few years after the first Mosaic web browser became available. Since then, I’ve had various web sites and blogs but I have now decided to simplify my web presence so that everything will, in time, be held on the same server and managed by the same WordPress technology.

‘Daunerin’ Aboot’ is my personal blog, covering my interests in hill walking, photography, books and food as well as opinions on whatever else grabs my attention. I started daunerin’ aboot the Scottish hills almost 50 years ago and I still enjoy it.

I occasionally write posts on politics but not from a partisan position – I am generally sceptical of all political parties and I dislike zealots of all kinds..

All I’ll say about work is that I wrote my first computer program in 1970, and I retired as Professor of Software Engineering at St Andrews University in 2014. I  and am probably best known for my software engineering textbook. If you want to know any more, see my professional blog and website.

I’m perhaps best known for my series of books on software engineering. The web site for the latest edition (10th edition, 2015) includes lots of extras such as videos and additional material.

Ian Sommerville

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