Wester Ross

This is the second instantiation of my personal web site and blog, which I designed in 2018. I explain the rationale for creating a new web presence in this post, Starting Afresh, which I wrote after my web site was hacked.

I have moved away from a chronological blog format because blogs focus attention on the most recently created material. In principle, older posts can be discovered by searching but I find that search is becoming less and less useful. Commercial organizations spend lots of money on search engine optimization to get their sites on the first page of Google page ranking. These dominate your searches and finding articles by individuals, unless they are very specialised, is increasingly difficult.

Therefore, I’ve decided to create a web site organised around my interests – walking and the outdoors and photography, with sub-menus proving access to individual pages. I’ve documented my walks across Scotland in the TGO Challenge, which I have really enjoyed and there is a set of pages showing some of my photographs.

About me

I’m an ex-professor of software engineering and I live in the north-east of Scotland, although I spend an increasing amount of time in Edinburgh, helping look after my grandchildren. I still write a bit about software engineering but I am mostly happily retired. I’m interested in photography, hill-walking and outdoors/environment stuff in general, and in recreational programming in Python.




I don’t use Facebook or LinkedIn or any other social media.