A walk in the woods

Life has been a wee bit busy this summer. Our daughter gave birth to twins (boy and girl) at the end of July and we’ve been involved helping with them and our older grandson since then. Before that, we had decided to move to Edinburgh to be closer to family and, maybe unwisely given that we are no longer spring chickens, bought a house that needs complete renovation. So the summer has been spent working on a house, trying (with no success) to sell a house and helping look after babies and a two-year old. There has been no time at all for the outdoors and I haven’t taken any photos, apart from baby photos, for three months.

But now we have a short break and last Friday I managed to get out for a walk in the woods. Although I love being on the hills, for short walks I really like the variety that you get from forest walks. The autumn colours haven’t started yet but there’s a definite ‘end of summer’ feeling to the forest. I’ve tried to capture this in these images.

Bracken and trees
The bracken is deep green and has lost all of its early-summer freshness.
Berries and leaves
There were a few rowan berries and withered leaves on the forest floor.
Berries and leaves
Birches are amongst the first trees to turn – just a few leaves have fallen so far.
Fungi are appearing everywhere – I wish I knew more about them so I that I would know what’s good to eat.
This sycamore was covered in a strange white mould that gave the appearance of it being frosted.

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  • September 16, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    What very excellent news – congratulations!
    (Your reasons for not posting recently are more than acceptable!)


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