My TGO Challenge 2018: Shiel Bridge to Dinnet

Mullardoch camp
Wild camp at the end of Loch Mullardoch
This was one of the highlights of my 2018 Challenge. The walk along the north shore of Loch Mullardoch has a bad reputation but I enjoyed it and it culminated with a fabulous wild camp by the river.

My 2018 Challenge was planned as a fairly easy walk from Shiel Bridge to Johnshaven. Unfortunately, I injured my leg in Ballater (no idea how I did this) and by the time I got to Dinnet I could barely walk so I had to withdraw. However, I consoled myself with the facts that the weather had been superb, I’d already done most of my route from Dinnet to Johnshaven as day walks and I had the best of the Scottish scenery.

I don’t write trip diaries any more so I don’t have a day by day account of the crossing. Rather, there are 4 relevant blog posts

TGOC-2018: My route from Shiel Bridge to Johnshaven

Loch Mullardoch

Ten images of my 2018 Challenge

TGOC-2018: It wasn’t meant to end like this.