The TGO Challenge

The TGO Challenge is an annual event where about 300 people walk across the Scottish Highlands from the west to the east coast. There’s several possible starting places from Ardrishaig in the south to Torridon in the north. People can finish anywhere between Peterhead and Arbroath. This page links to my accounts of my Challenges and some other information that other Challengers might find helpful.

Challenge accounts

1. TGOC-2013: Mallaig to Aberdeen
2. TGOC-2014: Strathcarron to St Cyrus
3. TGOC-2015: Lochailort to Stonehaven
4. TGOC-2018: Shiel Bridge to Dinnet(sadly, I didn’t make it to Johnshaven as planned)

The Deeside Way

I live close to the Deeside Way that many Challengers use when the reach Ballater. I walk on it every week and I’ve written a short guide to supplement the official information.

The Deeside Way – An Illustrated Guide

Other information

Scottish Delicacies
If you aren’t from Scotland, you may find this introduction to some Scottish foods helpful as a guide to what to look out for (or avoid).

Places to finish the Challenge: Aberdeen to Nether Warburton

As I regularly walk on the coast, I’ve put together a short guide, with pictures, of places that are commonly used to finish the Challenge. My personal favourite is Stonehaven (or nearly Dunnotar Castle) but I think the most dramatic coastal scenery is at Muchalls.