Photography rebooted

My photography has taken a back seat for the past couple of years. We have additional family responsibilities (twin grandchildren), we’ve moved from a semi-rural environment near Aberdeen to suburban Edinburgh, we bought a house that needed major work that has dragged on and on and, of course, we’ve been living with COVID restrictions. I’ve had no motivation to take any photographs except family snaps (on my phone) and my camera has not been out of its bag for almost a year.

But the work on the house and garden is almost finished and I started thinking this week how to rediscover my photographic mojo. So, I decided set myself a wee challenge that didn’t involve travelling, could be fitted around other things and which forced me to look closely at the place where we live.

We live a few minutes walk from Braidburn Valley Park - a public park that isn’t just mown grass, flowerbeds and play areas. Although there are mown sections and lots of tree planting, much of the park is left to its own devices where nature rather than gardeners decide what’s going to grow.

I’ve decided on a 12-month project where I photograph the seasons in the park with six photographs per month, starting from September 2021. I’ve decided on six photos per month so that I’m not tempted to simply add a photo dump - I’ll be forced to be selective and choose the images that I like best.

I’ll be posting every month around the end of the month but here’s a few pictures I took on my first photographic outing to the park.

In Scotland, September is a transition from summer to autumn. The light is softer, the sun lower in the sky. There are still flowers and berries are everywhere but there’s also decay and hints of the autumn colours to come.

Willowherb glowers and hawthorn berries
Willowherb and hawthorn. Summer flowers are fading and autumn berries are ripening.
Badminton players
Badminton players. There are very few flat area in the park for sport is it is basically a steep sided valley. This is one of the few areas which, I believe, was originally set up as an outdoor stage.
Single apple
Single apple. There's a community orchard in the park that was set up in memory of a local greengrocer. Anyone can help themselves to the fruit, apples and plums. I think this is a wonderful idea that should be emulated by all public parks.
Badminton players
Wildflower meadow. The flowers in the wildflower meadow are mostly over but there are still a fe remnants. I don't know what these are called (learning flower names is on my to-do list)
Badminton players
Seedheads and spiders web. I liked the architectural simplicity of what I think is a hogweed.
Badminton players
Turning leaves. Most of the leaves are still green but there are a few signs of the colour to come in the cherry trees.