I have been thinking quite a lot recently about why I take photographs and why I want to make these available on the web. We all take photographs to remember and to share experiences. However, as well as that, I’ve come to the conclusion that I take photographs because it enriches my perception of place.

As a photographer, you look for light, detail, pattern and structure and try to capture these in your images. You have to learn to see and, in so doing, you see more. I’m not interested in formal ‘staged’ photography, such as portraiture, so the images here are best described as ‘snaps’ taken when I’ve been wandering around the countryside and urban areas.

Why put these snaps on the web for the world to see? I am not a professional photographer and have no need to publicise what I do with a public portfolio. I have no illusions about my ‘creativity’ (I consistently failed art as a school subject) but I guess I am egotistical enough to think that my perspectives of places, events and seasons are worth sharing.

I like the idea of creating my view or perspective of something or somewhere and showing that to the world. The world, of course, may not be in the slightest bit interested but I hope that, by trying, I’ll improve my photographic skills.

Photographs are central to these views but they are not enough on their own. Photo captions are needed to link the images and to tell readers something about them. So, this site is not just about improving my photography but also the writing to sit alongside it. My natural writing style is terse and technical so this gives my an opportunity to develop in a different direction. I’ll never be a lyrical writer but I’ll try and get away from bald descriptive technical prose thats the norm for me.

To present anything but a superficial account of somewhere requires familiarity. So these accounts are not of new work or of places that I’ve briefly visited but more considered perspectives of the place where I live and the places where I visit and revisit in Scotland. I sometimes write about more immediate, day to day photography on my blog.