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Edinburgh is a walking city. It's compact and easy to navigate around, most of the architecture is impressive and the entire centre of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. I'm not sure what that means exactly but it sounds like a good thing. Edinburgh has the highest percentage of city green space than any other UK city so city walking doesn't necessarily mean walking around the streets.

Another reason to walk in the city is the eye-wateringly expensive parking charges in the city centre and predatory traffic wardens that pounce and issue tickets for even the slightest overstay. So when in Edinburgh, I am rarely tempted to take the car anywhere.

In fact, all of the photos in this portfolio were taken when I was walking around in Edinburgh but here I want to highlight some images which don't fit into a single theme and which reflect what I was saying in my introduction to this site. Photography makes you look at your environment. The picture in the Gardens was taken in early November, just after Remembrance Day. There are a number of war memorials in the Gardens, each with their own poppy wreaths. But this single poppy caught my eye - this simply tribute seemed to me to be more personal and heartfelt than the more formal wreaths elsewhere. On a misty autumn evening, Jawbone Walk across the Meadows has a rather spooky feel with ethereal figures emerging from the mist. But they are just mostly students walking back to their flats in Marchmont from the University. Graffiti in Edinburgh is usually banal and written on utility control boxes and skips. Obviously this is not a green space but it is right beside the Meadows and the graffiti is colourful and actually brightens up a very dull row of workshops and garages. I am always amazed by the amount of stuff people carry across the links - huge bags with who knows what in them. But, to be honest, you don't often see people carrying furniture. A warm summer's day brings out the sunbathers to the Meadows and Links. Edinburghers are not really used to the sun don't really dressed for the weather. Rather, they just plonk themselves down on the grass and relax. Inhibitions are shed as you can see from the lady in the background dealing with in itch. Most of the Meadows and the Links are cropped grass in the manner of public parks everywhere. I guess this is better for ball games and sunbathing but it doesn't really create any spaces for wildlife. However, there have been some experiments in planting wild flowers and not cutting back the grass which I think is a real improvement. Hopefully, these won't fall foul of the dreaded 'budget cuts' and we'll see more diversity in this space.

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