Looking down

I don't know how many times I've climbed Arthur's Seat - must be at least 100 and I've only ever been on my own on the top a couple of times (sensible people don't go up there in wind and rain). The hill is next to Edinburgh University's Pollock Halls so it's a favourite way to walk off a hangover after weekend parties. I'm not that good at getting up early so I don't take many sunrise photos. But one day I woke up early and headed for Arthur's Seat, taking a chance on the sunrise. I expected to be there on my own but it was remarkably busy with early morning runners. Nobody else was daft enough to stand in the cold with a camera though but I reckon it was worth it for this slightly different view of the south of the city and the Forth. At the other end of the day, I walked up Arthur's Seat to catch the sunset. This time, there were lots of people with the same idea. Of course, nowadays the idea is not just to see the sunset but you have to Instagram a selfie as well. The loch in winter, overlooked by the brooding Chapel, is a haven for all sorts of water birds.  Ice on the loch is a rarity now but it completely changes the look of the place. Looking down from Arthur's Seat, the low autumn sunshine brings out the autumn colours and the texture in Duddingston Golf Course. I think that the ridges are a remnant of a medieval rig and furrow cultivation system - I wonder if the golfers are even aware of them? The classic view of the Salisbury Crags with the Castle in the background.

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