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    I have designed my textbook to be a hybrid print-web book and the supplements here provide additional information over and above what is included in the printed text.

    Sample chapters

    Sample chapters are complete chapters from the book that you can download to get an impression of the book’s contents.

    [Chapter 1 Introduction](href="" target="_blank")
    [Ch 12 Safety Engineering](" target="_blank")
    [Systems of systems](" target="_blank)

    Web chapters

    Web chapters are chapters that have been included in previous editions. They have not ben included in the 10th edition because they are on topics that are not usually included in current software engineering courses. These chapters have not been updated since they were originally published so are out of date in places.

    Web sections

    Web sections are short additional descriptions of topics that add more detail to individual sections in the book. There are web sections associated with most of the chapters in the book. The number in brackets after the link to each web section is the chapter number in the book where this section is referenced.

    List of web sections

    ####LICENSE All web chapters and web sections are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Scotland license. This means you may share and edit any material but you must attribute the material to me and that it must not be used for commercial purposes (i.e. you can’t sell material or use it in commercial courses). Sample chapters are NOT licensed under a creative commons license but are (c) Ian Sommerville and Pearson Education. They may not be edited, sold or distributed.