About the book/me

The 1st edition of Software Engineering was published in 1982 and it has been regularly revised and updated since then. The 10th edition was published in 2015 with new material on resilience engineering, systems engineering and systems of systems; many chapters have been extensively revised including ‘Agile Software Engineering’, ‘Reliability, ‘Safety’ and ‘Security’.

My book is widely used across the world as a student text, has been translated into many languages and, in different editions and languages, has sold almost a million copies.

This is the website for the 10th edition, which includes additional learning materials – case studies, presentations and videos – for students and educators.

The website for the 9th edition is still available but is not maintained. 9th edition website

About me

I wrote my first computer program in 1970 and have been involved in software engineering research and teaching since the late-1970s. So I have lived through changes to computer generations from mainframes to minicomputers to PCs and mobile devices. I started using the Internet in the early 1980s and my first web site was published in 1995.

I have worked in several areas of software engineering – software tools and environments, requirements engineering, dependable systems and large-scale complex systems. Since the early 1990s, I have taken a sociotechnical and not simply a technical view of software engineering where I looked at how human. social and organizational factors affect complex systems and systems engineering processes.

I retired as a full professor of software engineering at St Andrews University, Scotland in 2014. As well as writing, I now do a range of software-related things, paid and unpaid, that I find interesting.

My personal web site has more information.

Contact details

Website: software-engineering-book.com

Email: name: software.engineering.book; domain:gmail.com

YouTube: youtube.com/user/SoftwareEngBook

Twitter: @iansommerville