Reliability and safety

These videos support the material in Chapters 11 and 12 in the 10th edition of Software Engineering. Videos marked with (*) have been specially made by the author to support the book. Others have been vetted as relevant to the book and of reasonable quality. Slides to accompany specially made videos can be downloaded from slideshare.

Software availability and reliability

Availability and reliability (*)

This video explains what availability and reliability means in critical systems.

Airbus FCS – software and hardware redundancy (*)

In this video, I explain how software and hardware redundancy is used to achieve high reliability and availability in the safety-critical flight control system in the Airbus 340.

Reliability 6 – Software Reliability

An introduction to software reliability with a discussion of relevant standards and tools

Reducing Risk and Reliability: FMEA and Fault-trees

This is about hardware rather than software reliability but is a good introduction to failure mode and effect analysis, which is a complementary technique to fault-tree analysis discussed in the book. Very perfunctory introduction to fault-trees.

PostOps: A Non-Surgical Tale of Software, Fragility, and Reliability

This talk  discusses issues affecting service reliability at Google so has a much broader focus than simply software reliability. However, many of the ideas and issues raised are also relevant to software systems. Rather long.

Software safety

System safety (*)

In this video, I introduce system safety and what it means in critical systems.

Challenges in Safety Critical Systems Design and Development

A short introduction to safety-critical systems. Well-presented but makes reference to slides that are not included in the video which is a bit irritating. Unfortunately, it is truncated before the end of the presentation.

Software Development for Safety-critical Environments

A webinar that discusses the standards that are used in safety-critical systems engineering.

Case studies

Ariane launch failure

In this video, I explain how the failure of a software component led to the failure and destruction of an Ariane 5 launcher on its maiden flight.

Warsaw airbus accident 1993

In this video, I show how a software system can behave reliability but in an unsafe way. It discusses the causes of an Airbus crash at Warsaw airport in 1993.

Fatal Logic

A German TV documentary (dubbed in English) that covers the Warsaw aircraft accident where a software system delayed the deployment of an aircraft braking system. Critical of Airbus who allegedly tried to suppress it.