Software engineering

These videos support the material in Chapters 1 and 2 in the 10th edition of Software Engineering. Videos marked with (*) have been specially made by theauthor to support the book. Others have been vetted as relevant to the book and of reasonable quality. Slides to accompany specially made videos can be downloaded from slideshare.

Introducing Software Engineering

Ten Questions about Software Engineering (*)

In this video, I introduce software engineering by answering ten key questions about the discipline covering its nature and the differences between software engineering and other disciplines.

Why Software Engineering Matters (*)

In this video, I explain the economic and social importance of software engineering and how it is central to all economic and social developments in the 21st century.

Software Engineering Ethics

The Conscience of Computing Professionals – A Code of Ethics

This is a recording of a talk by Don Gotterbarn, a pioneer in computing and software engineering ethics, where he discusses why ethics are important. Much better than most talk recordings – at least the slides are readable.

Software Processes

Plan-driven and Agile Software Processes (*)

This video I introduce the idea of software processes. These include plan-based software processes such as the waterfall model and agile, iterative processes.

Fundamental Activities in Software Engineering (*)

In this video, I talk about the key activities in software engineering that are part of all software processes – specification, design and implementation, testing and evolution.

The Software Process

A general introduction explaining what is meant by a software process. It’s a little too detailed I think but provides a good explanation of why processes are important.

Software Development Life Cycle

A good description of the waterfall approach to software development. Based on a specific class project but you can skip the details of this here.

Genesis Consulting: Agile vs Waterfall

An excellent short video that discusses factors to be considered in deciding if an agile development approach or a waterfall-based process should be used.

Software Testing Training – V model

A short and easily understandable introduction to the V-model of software testing phases, as used in a plan-driven software process.