Software reuse

These videos support the material in Chapters 15, 16 and 18 in the 10th edition of Software Engineering. Videos marked with (*) have been specially made by the author to support the book. Others have been vetted as relevant to the book and of reasonable quality. Slides to accompany specially made videos can be downloaded from slideshare.

Software reuse

The reuse landscape (*)

In this video, I introduce the wide range of ways in which software can be reused.

Introduction to Web Application Frameworks

Introduces a number of web application frameworks although he doesn’t really say a great deal about what these actually are.

Software Product Line Engineering

A short talk on what is meant by product line engineering and why it is important. It would be improved with some graphics as its just a presenter talking to camera for 6 minutes.

What is ERP?

A good introduction to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems – one of the most widely used application systems that are reused.

The Ariane 5 launch failure

This video discusses how the failure of a reused software component led to the failure of the Ariane 5 rocket.

 Component-based software engineering

Component-based Software Engineering – Module 1

An introduction to CBSE based on my slides from an earlier edition. As the CBSE chapter has not changed much, this is still very relevant

Remoting Retrospective: DCE, COM, CORBA, RMI, RMI/IIOP, SOAP, REST, WebSocket

A survey of what the presenter calls ‘remoting systems’ i.e. systems to support component execution in a distributed architecture. These include object request brokers as used in CBSE and protocols to support remote service execution such as SOAP and REST.

Hidden risks of component-based software development

This video discusses some of the security risks of reusing components. The first 20 minutes is most relevant – after that the speaker goes on to talk about his specific product that is used for component management.

Introducing OCL

A short webinar explaining how to use the object constraint language to write business rules.

Service-oriented software engineering

Introduction to service-oriented architecture

Introduction to web services

These are two short videos that introduce the idea of web services and introduce some of the terminology associated with service-oriented architecture.

REST web services overview

There are lots of YouTube videos on RESTful services – I liked this short introduction although the car horns beeping in the background is a bit irritating.

BPMN tutorial – 5 Minute Basics of BPMN

A simple introduction to using BPMN for workflow modeling.