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2 thoughts on “Designed physical and designed abstract systems

  • December 9, 2014 at 11:09 pm
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    “Unlike physical systems where we can measure which system is the strongest, lightest or fastest, there is no objective way of establishing unambiguous success criteria for a software system and measuring the system against these criteria.” But we do have measures of algorithmic performance and efficiency of data structures. These are basic building blocks of systems. This should be basic knowledge to software engineers. My experience is that software engineering students view algorithms & data structures as “hard”, only of theoretical importance and not relevant to the task in hand. I can see systems about me that have been “designed” without considering such basic knowledge (my University is run using systems like this: slow, fragile, inefficient, suboptimal). An example: we have professionally engineered systems that are used to allocate students to lab groups, totally ignoring even the most basic matching algorithms. This generates chaos and underutilisation of scarce resources. I argue that we can measure software system success.

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    • December 10, 2014 at 9:16 am
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      Of course, we can measure or compare the resource utilisation of software but we don’t have any way of assessing the impact of this on the owners or users of the software. One important reason for this, of course, is that computational resources are abundant and cheap. So if system (a) takes 10 times longer to execute than system (b) but (b)’s execution time is 1ms, then the fact that (a) is less efficient has no practical effect in many cases. The other reason of course is that physical resources are consumed so its minimising resource utilisation saves money. By and large, this is not true for computational resources. So, I don’t think that we can measure ‘succcess’ in terms of impact on software owners or users because we don’t have an objective understanding of what ‘success’ means in that context.

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