Talks and invited lectures

These are some of the invited lectures that I’ve given at various conferences over the last few years. I’ve given more invited talks than I’ve shown here but these have often involved variants of the same presentations.

Requirements engineering for enterprise systems

Keynote talk at the REFSQ 2012 conference discussing how we need a different approach to requirements engineering for complex systems of systems in the enterprise.

Design for recovery: Challenges for developing complex systems of systems

An updated version of the talk first presented in Madrid in 2008. Presented at the University of Hamburg, April 2011.

Migrating to the Cloud

Presented at an industry meeting in Aberdeen, Scotland. I discuss the issues for companies who are interested in moving systems to the cloud.

Responsibility modelling in socio-technical systems

An introduction to responsibility modelling where we use the notion of responsibility as an abstraction to represent distributed human and machine activities in socio-technical systems that may involve several organisations. Seminar presented at the University of York, April 2008.

Construction by Configuration: An Opportunity for SE Research

A keynote presentation at ASWEC 2008 in Perth, Western Australia. It is a revised version of a previous talk where I discuss the changes to the ways in which commercial software is developed by configuration of COTS and how the research community should respond to these.

Fitting software to the organisation: Reducing time to value for new software systems

This was a tutorial presented as ASWEC 2008 where I introduced the notion of time to value – the time between deciding to introduce a new system and the time when it actual becomes useful. I proposed that an approach based on socio-technical systems engineering, which considers social and organisational as well as technical factors, could reduce the time to value.

Software Engineering – Challenges for the 21st Century

This is an updated and extended version of my inaugural lecture at the UK’s Institute of Electrical Engineers. I discuss the new challenges facing software engineering and explain some of the fundamental difficulties we face in software engineering innovation. I then discuss how I believe the way forward is for software engineering to evolve into complex systems engineering as software is created by integrating systems of systems.