Over the years, I have taught many different software engineering courses but, most recently, my teaching has been in the area of critical systems and large-scale systems. My older course material is out of date so I have only included links here to the recent courses.

Critical systems engineering (MSc course, University of St Andrews)

Systems engineering for LSCITS (EngD course, University of York)

Socio-technical systems (EngD course, University of York)

Many of my blog posts on this site are relevant to these courses.  I have not linked these explicitly – search is the best way to find them.

Critical systems engineering – Search for ‘software engineering’, ‘dependability’

Systems engineering for LSCITS – Search for ‘LSCITS’, ‘systems engineering’, ‘complex systems’

Socio-technical systems – Search for ‘socio-technical’, LSCITS, ‘complex systems’, ‘systems engineering’