TCSE Distinguished Education Awards - Nominations 2022

I have been asked to chair a small committee who have been tasked with making recommendations for the 2022 Distinguished Education Award that is awarded by the IEEE’s Technical Council on Software Engineering.

The committee members are:

  1. Kelly Blincoe, University of Auckland, New Zealand
  2. Letizia Jaccheri, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway
  3. Julio Cesar Leite, PUC-Rio, Brazil
  4. Ian Sommerville (Chair), University of St Andrews, Scotland

We are interested in nominations from this award which may be from people who work or worked in universities or in industry. Nominations which consider contributions from women or from outside North America/Europe are particularly welcome.

The criteria for the award are:

  1. Contributions to the International Practice of Software Engineering Education over an extended period. Examples include impact on syllabi, impact on assignments and project work, impact on accreditation.

  2. Pioneering Work that had a seminal impact on the field of Software Engineering Education.

  3. Development and dissemination of teaching material for Software Engineering Education adopted beyond a single institution (preferably, nationally or internationally). Material made freely available on the Internet would be considered under this heading.

  4. An outstanding leadership role in promoting Software Engineering Education at an international or national level. -A candidate acknowledged as making a long-standing contribution at an international or national level that was followed by others. Such a role may include a long history of mentoring Software Engineering educators.

  5. Other contributions, which in the opinion of the Committee, warrant the award. These include software engineering education research and efforts to increase diversity in the student body studying software engineering/programming.

I won’t go into details of the paperwork involved in nominations (which we will try to keep to a minimum) but if you have possible candidates in mind, please contact me:

iansommerville att

The closing date for nominations for the 2022 awards is 2nd February 2022.

Previous award winners are not eligible for nomination. Scroll down the list below to see who has previously received this award.

TCSE Distinguished Education award winners.

Some information about previous awards since 2010 are:

Awards made to men - 9

Awards made to women - 2

Countries of award winners

USA, 4; Canada 2; Italy 1, Germany 1, Scotland 1; Switzerland 1; Italy 1; Australia 1