Edinburgh - an alternative view

One of the first books of photographs that I bought in the 1970s was entitled ‘Edinburgh’ by Douglas Corrance. As well as the ‘tourist’ sights of Edinburgh, Douglas also included more intimate and quirky images that captures the people and details of the places. I really liked this approach and I’ve collected here ten images that present an alternative view of Edinburgh from that seen by most tourists to the city.

Edinburgh has retained much of its character because people live in the city and not just in the suburbs. Most of the city dwellers live in tenement flats but until I got this shot of flats with a rainbow, I'd never been happy with simple tenement pictures.
Tenement reflections
Another more abstract view of Edinburgh tenements, reflecting in a parked car.
Edinburgh has all sorts of pubs from seedy dives through Victorian marvels to ultra-modern bars. The Canny Mans in Morningside is one of the quirkiest. It was established in 1871 and is still owned by the same family. I liked this image because of the intimacy of the couple sitting at the bar.
Bruntsfield links was established as a golf course in (reputedly) the 15th century and there is a still a public pitch and putt course where you can play without a fee. The links are a route from Brunstfield to the University and City Centre and they've been planted with delightful spring flowers.
Golf course
I'm not one for golf - best described as 'a good walk spoiled' but golf courses are green areas in the city and the Scottish access laws mean that anyone can walk over them. This is Duddingston golf course from Arthur's Seat. I love the long shadows and I wonder if the ridges mean these were once lazy beds for crop growing.
Waverley station
Waverley station is Edinburgh's main station, used by commuters and visitors. I liked the lady in red here striding out very purposely but it was a very busy and confusing coloured image. So, to emphasise the main subject, I did a wee bit photoshopping to turn most of the image mono.
Meadows in the mist
I was walking across the Meadows one misty November evening and, as usual, there were lots of people heading home. I think this image really captures the atmosphere of the evening.
Hollywood garden party
I'm not the kind of person who gets invited to garden parties but my wife was invited to the Hollywood garden party and I thought it would be an interesting experience. I took this picture as it was coming to an end and I think it captures the diversity of people at these occasions. I really like the photography of Martin Parr and I was flattered when this was compared to his work.
Wariston cemetery
Edinburgh Council have more of less completely stopped maintaining all of the city cemeteries and are letting nature reclaim the space. This means that they are much more interesting than they would be with mown grass and neat gravestones. This is Warriston cemetery - obviously this is the grave of a wealthy Edinburgh citizen.
Tenement reflections
It's not enough now to walk up Arthur's Seat - to demonstrate to the world that you've been up there, you need to take a selfie. I like the simplicity of this image with the woman silhouetted in front of the single cloud that's lit by the setting sun.