I’m generally interested in technology, especially but not exclusively digital technologies. I started by writing a blog about systems, software and technology but the problem with blogs is that posts on general issues get lost amongst shorter-term ephemera. I’ve now given up on blogging although I still sometimes comment on technology on Twitter (@iansommerville).

The articles here are a selection from my previous technology blog posts plus (very) occasional new articles on technology topics.

The Underwhelming Impact of Software Engineering Research (April 2022)

This article was prompted by responses to a tweet I wrote in response to an analysis of the research area of papers…

Complex Systems Engineering

In the articles here, I discuss some of the inherent problems of building complex, software-intensive systems.

Three factors that inhibit the take-up of software engineering research (April 2022)

I wrote in a recent article about my views on why software engineering research has had very little direct impact on…

Building this web site

Articles on Hugo, the static site generator that I use and Adobe Portfolio, used for the photography pages.

Software engineering education

Some of my thoughts on how we should be teaching students about software engineering.

Understanding the Cloud

An introduction to the Cloud for people who don’t care how it works but want to know how it might be useful for them.…