What kind of weather comes to mind when you hear the name? I think cold, obviously, snow, rain and cloud. I see monochrome landscapes with volcanic formations emerging from the mist.

But sunshine was what we experienced on two short trips to to Iceland in 2017 and 2018. Not quite wall to wall sunshine - we had some cloudy days and a bit of rain when we went south to Vik. But, in general the weather was great so my Iceland images are uncharacteristically sunny.

Kirkjufjell: perhaps Iceland's most photographed mountain. I think the images with milky waterfalls in the foreground is very stereotyped so I tried to find an alternative viewpoint. I think it works quite well.
Gullfoss is perhaps Iceland's best known waterfall on the Golden Circle route from Reykjavik. Again, it's been photographed a million times and I wanted to get away from the view of the falls in the landscape. For me, this mono rendition really communicates the power of the water.
Sjealandfoss is a waterfall between Vik and Reykjavik where there is a path behind the fall. It was the only time on our Iceland holidays when we got wet. I chose this image and the image below of Skogafoss because of the tiny figures really give scale to the waterfalls.
Skogafoss. Even with a wide-angle lens, I couldn't include the full height of the waterfall.
Reykjanes-geopark is a volcanic area close to Reykjavik airport. For me, this picture epitomises the Icelandic landscape in that area.
The Golden Circle road from Reykjavik can be incredibly busy at the hotspots. But, other roads are remarkably empty. I like the way that this road snaked into the distance.
Many years ago, a US military plane crash landed on a black sand beach near Vik. It's still there. I believe that all of the crew survived but I found it to be a desolate and haunting place. I've tried to communicate that atmosphere in this image.
An Icelandic farmhouse in West Iceland. A standard landscape photo that I think captures the beauty of the area.
We had a glacier tour which included snowmobiling and a trip under the glacier. This image captured the weird shapes made by the melting ice.
Hallesgrimskirka, with its statue of Lief Eriksonn who reached America long before Columbus is a tourist hotspot in Reykjavik. I had a very early morning walk around the city and I found that the area was completely deserted. I liked the simplicity of this image and the contract between the statue lit by the early morning sun and the shadowed church.