Many students find videos helpful in developing their understanding so I have made a number of videos on a range of software engineering topics.  Many of these were made to support a course I was teaching in Critical Systems Engineering, so there is a focus on system security and dependability. Some of the videos cover material (such as SCADA control systems) that is not covered in the book. I have included these as some readers may be interested in following up topics in more detail.

You can view the videos that I have made on my YouTube channel.

YouTube channel

As well as my own videos on software engineering, I reviewed videos on YouTube to support my software engineering book. I created the list of videos in 2016 so it does not include more recent videos.

I have also suggested some YouTube software engineering videos to support my more recent book on engineering software products. I don’t have a consolidated list of these videos but you can find them from the link below.

Click on the link for each chapter and you will see links to the YouTube videos.