Cul Mor in the mist

Cul Mor and Cul Beag (Mor is Gaelic for big; Beag for small) are easily accessible hills from the road north from Ullapool. I’ve climbed them botha couple of times but, sadly, never in good weather. This walk was probably the best - not much rain but thick damp mist on the tops. We had views for about 5 minutes during a brief clearance.

We took the standard route, the path of the A835 by Knockan Crag and then up the shoulder of the hill.

For me, this was the first time I that a solely relied on electronic navigation. It was too horrible to get a map and compass out so I just used my phone, which was much more convenient. I still always carry a paper map but, since then, I’ve used my phone more and more for navigation.

Cul Mor summit
The obligatory summit photo. Thick mist with no views at all
autumn landscape
As we descended, their was a brief clearance and the late autumn landscape was revealed. Loch Veyatie with the Cam Loch behind.
We had a view of Suilven for about five minutes then the mist rolled in again.